Transit Simplified

All in one fleet management & mobility solution designed
to get your passengers to where they need to go.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Using its innovative technology, TecTransIT builds a sustainable future by enabling transportation operators to provide safe and efficient service by transforming ridership experiences

On Demand

Know where your vehicles are and when they will get to their destination.

Fixed Route

Take total control of your routes from one, easy to navigate dashboard.


Improve your passengers’ experience and let them control their trip.

Customer Support & Training

We have your back with Personal Training and Technical Support.

Empower Your Agency

TecTransIT equips operators with a cost effective, easy to use, cloud based Fleet Management software that streamlines operations and increases ridership

Improve Your Organization Efficiency

Connect your dispatchers, drivers, and passengers and safely monitor, automate, and optimize their routes in real-time.

Collect Meaningful Data

Know exactly how your trips are performing by relying on real-time reporting so that you can make adjustments on the fly.

Customized User Experience

Have total control of your operations from a single platform. Managers can instantly measure trip performance through real-time reports that provide a deep understanding of passenger flow and forecast demand, helping future planning and resource optimization.

Have direct communication and control of your trips. Dispatchers will be able to save time and reduce errors through real-time tracking of their drivers with the ability to create contingencies for alternate routes, vehicle assignments, and pick-up/dropoff locations.

Give your Drivers the resources for optimal performance by giving them real-time direct audio navigation prompts that can be accessed by any mobile device. Drivers can see their service area, routes, and gain access to their pick-up/dropoff locations in sequence so that they can effectively manage trips.

TecTransIT is built with the passenger in mind, ensuring that their ride is easy and seamless in order to build trust in your transit solutions. Passengers can use their mobile device to request trips, including options for ride-share and micro-transit.


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Fleet Management & Mobility Ecosystem©

TecTransIT’s proprietary Fleet Management & Mobility Ecosystem© equips transportation providers with an easy to use cloud based solution that streamlines operations and improves the utilization of all transit services and infrastructure. Our unique approach as a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) allows for a more effective transportation experience without providers needing to make large investments in their infrastructure.

Latest News

Customer Success

"We are pleased to partner with TecTransIT to utilize their dispatch software. After several months, we began experiencing significant reduction of incoming phone calls to our dispatch office, as passengers can view their orders and receive notifications online. Drivers are happy as they receive and get routes updated in real-time. Dispatchers and managers can monitor service delivery and obtain reports in real-time. Our on-time performance improved from 89 percent to 94 percent."

"TecTransIT staff come from within the transportation industry. They really understand the challenges that a transportation company has operating on a daily basis. After implementing TecTransIT software, our operating costs decreased and expenses for fuel and drivers wages went down. Routes became more efficient and productivity improved."