About us

We are passionate about improving public transportation. Mobility is one of the most critical elements of urban health. How a city’s residents commute to their workplaces, whether they arrive safely, comfortably and at a reasonable price all factor into the economic prosperity of a city.

TECTRANSIT works with municipalities of all sizes to enable this revolution in mobility--enabling on-demand transit. In this system, mobility is flexible and on-demand where passengers have many clean, cheap, and flexible ways to get around, and the boundaries among private, shared, and public transport are blurred.

Mobility is delivered through a combination of self-driving, shared vehicles, with high-quality public transit as the backbone. This is achieved through the use of smart software platforms that manage multimodal traffic flows and deliver Mobility-as-a-Service.Connectivity will dramatically alter the future public transit. Increased connectivity is opening the door to multiple shared mobility options. We believe that the way people move around is primed for change.

New business models are changing traditional mobility patterns. The connected traveler will be at the heart of this revolution, so in the future people will need to be open to adopting new technologies and services and both the private and public sector will have important roles to play in paving the way forward.

About us
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