October 05, 2020
SEPTA is safe during COVID. Transit access is not.

The real danger transit faces is that the latest scientific evidence about safe commuting is not reaching our communities.

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August 16, 2020
San Diego planners unveil a $177 billion plan to expand transit, toll highways

High-speed rail from Oceanside to the international border. Transit hubs with autonomous shuttles. Highway express lanes for buses, carpooling and drivers willing to pay.

San Diego’s top transportation planners unveiled on Friday a $177 billion…

June 12, 2020
New Yorkers gradually return to mass transit as city reopens


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority saw a systemwide uptick in riders during Monday’s morning rush, and New York City traffic was also on the rise, state and city transit officials said Monday — highlighting the gradual reemergence…

May 13, 2020
In a Pandemic, We are All transit Dependent

These circumstances point to a potential shift in the way transit is used, viewed, and potentially funded, experts said.
Traditionally, a successful transit system is one with a lot of riders, with packed buses and cars and a large share of

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